Quick Facts

William D. Hager

ARIAS US Certified Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitrator
Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)
Reinsurance Expert Witness
A.M. Best Recommended
Insurance Expert Witness
Commissioner of Insurance
State of Iowa
Chief Executive Officer
National Council on
Compensation Insurance (NCCI)
General Counsel
American Academy of Actuaries
Executive Committee Member
Natl. Association of Insurance
Commissioners (NAIC)
Assistant Attorney General
Iowa Insurance Department
Chief Deputy
Iowa Insurance Department
Iowa House of Representatives
Chief of Staff
U.S. Congress
Attorney in Private Practice
Specializing in Insurance
CEO of a High Technology Company
Venture Capitalist
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Reinsurance Arbitrator

Insurance Metrics Corporation provides insurance and reinsurance consulting services for insurance-based matters, including litigation. Our clients include law firms representing plaintiffs, defendants and liquidators.

William D. Hager, founder of Insurance Metrics, is a seasoned industry and regulatory executive who brings a distinguished history of insurance and reinsurance expertise to every case. Corporate, regulatory, legislative and Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) experience in the insurance industry form a solid foundation for Mr. Hager's role as an Insurance and Reinsurance Arbitrator.

An attorney by training and a former ALJ, Mr. Hager understands rules relating to the conduct of reinsurance arbitration, including the presentation of evidence, direct examination, cross-examination, the right of rebuttal and argument.

Mr. Hager is certified by the AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society, ARIAS-U.S (www.arias-us.org), as a U.S. Certified Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitrator.

Sample areas of reinsurance specialization:

You'll find Mr. Hager to be a respected, reasoned Arbitrator who will make every effort to handle your case in a fair and even-handed manner. For more information, email Mr. Hager today.

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Insurance Metrics Corporation, founded by William D. Hager, concentrates in insurance arbitration, reinsurance arbitration and expert witness services for insurance litigation. Mr. Hager is an ARIAS U.S. certified Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitrator. Clients include include law firms representing plaintiffs, defendants, insurers, reinsurers and liquidators. We can address disputes including bad faith, claims, damages, property, casualty, life, commercial, homeowner, underwriting and more. Services in Florida, New York, Texas, California and nationwide.