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CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: (See full position descriptions below)


Mr. Hager formed Insurance Metrics Corporation in early 2000. The focus of this Corporation is three-fold:

1. The provision of reinsurance arbitration service,
2. The provision of expert insurance witness services and
3. The provision of non-litigation insurance consulting.

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Certified by ARIAS (AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society) as one of some 400+ certified reinsurance arbitrators in the U.S. ARIAS certifies qualified arbitrators and serves as a resource for parties involved in related disputes. ARIAS provides procedural guidelines, best practices and a code of ethics for its members. Certified arbitrators must be knowledgeable and reputable and meet minimum criteria as follows:

1. Industry Experience. At least 10 years of significant specialization in the insurance/reinsurance industry;
2. Arbitration Experience. Completed at least three ARIAS conferences or workshops; and
3. Member of ARIAS. Be an individual member in good standing of ARIAS.

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Mr. Hager was elected in November 2010 to a two year term in the Florida House of Representatives, and won re-election to an additional two year terms in November 2012 and November 2014. He represents House District No. 89, which stretches from the Palm Beach Shores area south to Boca Raton. The district includes 113,000 Palm Beach County residents. Cities represented include all or portions of Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Briny Breezes, Delray Beach, Gulf Stream, Highland Beach, Hypoluxo, Lake Worth, Lantana, Manalapan, Ocean Ridge, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Shores, Riviera Beach, South Palm Beach and West Palm Beach
. Mr. Hager serves on the following committees or subcommittees by appointment: Insurance and Banking Subcommittee (Vice Chair); Judiciary Committee; Civil Justice Subcommittee (Vice Chair); Finance and Tax Subcommittee; and the Select Committee on Claims Bills.

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Certified by ARIAS (AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society) as one of some 400+ certified reinsurance arbitrators in the U.S. ARIAS certifies qualified arbitrators and serves as a resource for parties involved in related disputes. ARIAS provides procedural guidelines, best practices and a code of ethics for its members. Certified arbitrators must be knowledgeable and reputable and meet minimum criteria as follows:

1. Industry Experience. At least 10 years of significant specialization in the insurance/reinsurance industry;
2. Arbitration Experience. Completed at least three ARIAS conferences or workshops; and
3. Member of ARIAS. Be an individual member in good standing of ARIAS.

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Workers' compensation consultation services are offered for high risk industries such as construction, mining, and hazardous waste, as well as professional employer organizations (PEOs). Audits, the workers comp classification system, e-mod analysis, high deductibles, retros, and scheduled ratings are analyzed by Mr. Hager and skilled actuaries who are highly experienced in workers compensation.

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Mr. Hager was elected to a two-year term on the Boca Raton City Council, effective April 1, 2002. During his successful first term Council Member Hager focused on the city budget, quality of citizen services, increased educational opportunities and development plans.

He was re-elected to a second two-year term without opposition. Councilman Hager was appointed Deputy Mayor effective April 2004 and held this position for one year until 2005. He continued to serve as an elected member of the Boca Raton City Council through the first quarter of 2009.

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In early 2000, Mr. Hager co-founded Cenetec along with a group of entrepreneurs serving as its CEO and Chairman of the Board. Cenetec served as a for profit accelerator designed to help pioneering entrepreneurs turn their most innovative Internet and high technology products and services into successful companies. Cenetec enabled a number of early stage companies to effectively transform themselves into revenue producing enterprises. Cenetec currently holds positions in a number of such companies.

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Co-founded this information company in 1998. Risk Metrics gathers and sells public data to a wide range of customers. Mr. Hager recently sold his shares in Risk Metrics and no longer holds a position in the Company.

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Mr. Hager was appointed President and CEO of NCCI in May 1990. NCCI is the nation's largest workers compensation and health care informatics corporation. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, the corporation provides database products, software, publications and consultation services to state funds, self-insureds, independent bureaus, agents, regulatory authorities, legislatures and more than 700 insurance companies. While under Mr. Hager's leadership, NCCI had annual revenues approaching $150 million, NCCI employed 1,000 people located in 20 offices around the United States and was and is the licensed statistical and rate advisory organization in nearly 40 states. During Hager's leadership, NCCI had annual pricing responsibility for some $16 billion of workers compensation premiums and responsibility to gain regulatory approval of that pricing.

During Hager's tenure, NCCI doubled revenues (from $70 million to $150 million), reduced loss cost inadequacy to nearly zero (down from 25% inadequacy), brought residual markets to an underwriting break-even point (down from $2 billion in annual underwriting losses) and provided the intellectual foundation for $1.5 billion in statutory reform. Concurrently, the organization was right-sized (head count reduced from 1,500 to 1,000), firepower was substantially increased (technical and professionals have increased from 40% to 85% of the employment base), and the organization was converted from a rate bureau to a contemporary, competitive information company.

Specific expert skills that emanate from this position include:

  • Reported to a Board of Directors consisting of the lead insurance industry CEOs.
  • Oversaw an actuarial department with 150 employees
  • Very familiar with the rate making process, the strategy relating to filings and the organizational intent of all rate making organizations.
  • Intensive management of the federal antitrust exposure of NCCI. As an organization that lawfully promulgated rates on behalf of competitors, this exposure was intensive and pervasive.
  • Positioned to provide pivotal expert testimony as to whether an insurer's behavior conforms or fails to conform to industry practices.
  • Damages,including punitive damages as appropriate, regarding workers compensation insurers.
  • RICO matters.
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DES MOINES, IOWA - 1986 TO 1990

As Insurance Commissioner appointed by Governor Terry Branstad in July 1986, he was responsible for the regulatory oversight of all insurance companies, agents and brokers authorized to conduct business in the state of Iowa. He directed departments responsible for solvency oversight, insurance company examinations, consumer protection, agency licensing, and the administration of property and casualty, life and health insurance industries. In addition, Mr. Hager oversaw state regulation of the securities industry with Iowa's Supervisor of Securities reporting directly to him.

Mr. Hager brought contemporary technology to the Insurance Division. He pushed for aggressive legislation resulting in increased prosecution of agents and companies. For example, in 1986, $16 million was recovered from insurers for Iowa consumers. Under his direction, the division spearheaded an effort to attract new insurance operations to Iowa. Under this program, 3,000 new insurance jobs were added in 1988 alone. The program continues to date and is nationally recognized as a model of a constructive environment for attracting insurer operations. He was also responsible for implementing an assertive senior citizens advocacy program to educate the elderly on insurance purchases. Mr. Hager also strengthened rate oversight by leading the effort to hire an FCAS within the Department. Under Hager's leadership the FCAS was paid substantially more than Hager and even more than the Governor of the State.

The most important and yet least visible regulatory responsibility for an insurance commissioner is regulating for solvency. Mr. Hager was recognized for tenacious solvency regulation. During his term, several preexisting insolvencies were brought to completion and closed out. Furthermore, a number of marginal domestic insurers were declared insolvent and liquidated. Mr. Hager also facilitated a preemptive sale of a $4 billion Iowa domestic insurance company (Integrated Resources Life Insurance Co.) when its parent teetered on insolvency. The department worked with the insurer when a "run on the bank" was imminent and led a rapid sale of the insurer preempting a probable major insolvency. Under the terms of the sale all policyholders were made whole.

The department also recommended and supported state and federal prosecution of several insurance executives (e.g., American Excel) who committed financial fraud. Consistent with this record, and the general standard that the strength of solvency regulation during a commissioner's term is best reflected in the out years, in the years following 1990, Iowa has not had a relevant insurer insolvency.

Specific expert skills that emanate from this position include:

  • Responsible for oversight, interpretation and application of entire Iowa insurance code, which is analogous to most states.
  • Interpretation and application of insurance laws and regulations to specific fact settings on a daily basis.
  • Functioned frequently as an APA Hearing Officer, applying insurance law to specific contested facts and rendering scores of written opinions. Topics included rate proposals for workers comp, property/casualty, life and health; agents and insurer license revocations; unfair trade practice matters; and declaration of insolvencies.
  • Working familiarity with SAP (vs. GAAP).
  • Merger/acquisition approvals.
  • Examination process.
  • Reinsurance / Bulk Reinsurance approvals.

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Concurrent with his service as Iowa Insurance Commissioner, Mr. Hager served as a member of the NAIC. The NAIC is an organization of the insurance commissioners of all 50 states and meets regularly in locations throughout the U.S. to consider and evaluate national insurance issues. The NAIC considers all major insurance issues and formulates responsive model insurance laws and regulations, which are then routinely (but optionally) adopted at the individual state level. In addition, the NAIC promulgates and updates the key insurer financial reporting format, namely the NAIC Annual Statement Blank. The organization is based in Kansas City, Missouri and is staffed by well over 100 personnel.

NAIC Chairmanships - Chairman of the Midwest Zone. Mr. Hager was elected by his fellow Insurance Commissioners from the Midwest Zone (composed of the Midwest states, constituting about one quarter of all of the states) to provide leadership and representation of the Midwest before the balance of the states. This position included a position on the Executive Committee of the NAIC as well as major responsibilities relating to the assignment of states (and their related examiners) to specific examinations, both triennial and Market Conduct.

NAIC Leadership: Member of the Executive Committee. Mr. Hager also served as an elected member of the Executive Committee of the NAIC, the < that served as the steering committee of the organization, providing leadership between full membership meetings and providing recommendations to the full membership as to complex or politically charged issues within the organization.

NAIC Chairmanships - Chairman of the Life Insurance Committee. As a member of the NAIC, Mr. Hager served as both Vice Chairman and Chairman of the NAIC Life Insurance Committee. The charge of this Committee was oversight over all issues relating to life insurance products (including illustrations) as well as life insurers. This position and my four years of service at the NAIC exposed me to Mr. Hager to all aspects of life insurer operations and responsibilities.

NAIC Chairmanships: Chair of the Universal Life Insurance Task Force. In addition to chairing the Life Insurance Committee, Mr. Hager also chaired the Universal Life Insurance Task Force. The responsibility of this Committee included oversight of emerging life insurance products such as universal life.

NAIC Chairmanships: Chair of the Life Insurance Product Development Task Force. Mr. Hager also chaired the Life Insurance Product Development Task Force. While chairman of this task force, he led the development of model disclosure statements for universal and indeterminate premium life products designed to assist consumers in their comparison of different types of interest sensitive life insurance products, after a survey of the states determined regulatory problems existed with these products.

NAIC Chairmanships Chair of the Financial Services and Insurance Regulation Task Force. Mr. Hager also served as Chair of the Financial Services and Insurance Regulation Task Force and Member of the Executive Committee. Working with the other U.S. financial industries, this Task Force had responsibility to reconcile issues relating to non-insurance financial matters (e.g., banking and securities) in their intersection with insurance and insurance regulation.

NAIC - Other Committees. In addition, he also served on the following NAIC committees:
  • Member, the Blanks Committee
  • Member, Guarantee Fund Committee
  • Member, Rehabilitator and Liquidators Committee
  • Member, Casualty Actuarial Committee
  • Member, Commercial Lines Committee
  • Member, Valuation of Securities Committee,
  • Member, International Insurance Relations Committee
  • Member, Accounting Practices and Procedures Committee and
  • Member, State and Federal Legislative Committee.

Specific expert skills in regard to NAIC include:

  • Eight years of direct hands on experience at the NAIC as a regulator
  • Very familiar with the NAIC mechanisms
  • Conversant with and adept at applying NAIC publications to litigation (e.g., Examination Manuals; Liquidation Manuals; Accounting Manuals; SVO Office, etc.)
  • Working with recognized regulatory focused CPA's, Mr. Hager is able to provide specific and finite insurance/liquidation accounting expert testimony.

Ongoing Regulatory Involvement. In the years since leaving the regulatory ranks, he has continued to be closely involved with the NAIC and the regulatory community. As President and CEO of NCCI, he was in regular attendance at meetings of the NAIC and continues to currently attend these meetings and to be actively engaged with the regulatory process.

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Following his time in Washington, D.C., Mr. Hager returned to Des Moines and opened his own law firm in 1983. The firm specialized in corporate insurance, regulatory insurance and employee benefit matters. The firm also provided general legal services.

Mr. Hager represented numerous clients (companies and agents) in regulatory matters before the Iowa Insurance Department. Representative matters included:

  • Policy forms approval,
  • Rate approval,
  • Insurer disciplinary matters,
  • Agent disciplinary matters, and
  • Insurer merger acquisition and holding company matters.

He also lobbied on behalf of insurers at the state legislature and NAIC level. Representative clients included the

  • National Association of Independent Insurers (NAII),
  • The Iowa Professional Insurance Agents Association (PIA), and the
  • Iowa Association of Life Underwriters (IALU).
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WASHINGTON, D.C. 1980 TO 1983

Mr. Hager served as General Counsel and Director of Government Relations for all Academy activities, including advising on admissions, discipline, federal antitrust and general corporate law. He represented the 10,000 member organization before Congress (e.g., Senate Committees on Banking, Commerce, Finance and Labor, and House committees on Education, Labor, Energy, and Ways and Means).

He also represented the Academy before federal regulatory agencies, including the

  • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation,
  • Health Care Financing Administration, and
  • The United States Department of Labor.

His additional duties included daily monitoring and reporting of all Congressional and regulatory activities affecting the profession. While at the Academy Mr. Hager was also chief staff support to the following Academy Committees/functions:

  • Committee on Discipline;
  • Committee on Risk Classification;
  • Committee on Guides to Professional Conduct
  • And several others.

Mr. Hager worked with Academy committees that subsequently provided the impetus for the creation of a national actuarial standards board that later became the Actuarial Standards Board (ASB).

Specific expert skills in this position include:

  • Author of "The Emerging Law of Actuarial Malpractice"
  • Working knowledge of Actuarial Professional Standards, including conversance with the pronouncements of the Actuarial Standards Board
  • Adherence of the particular work product (or professional ethics) to actuarial professional standards
  • Applicable expert conclusions
  • Knowledge of the organization and structure of the actuarial profession; the profession's players; and the interaction of actuarial science and insurance

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WASHINGTON, D.C. 1979 TO 1980

Mr. Hager served as Chief of Staff in Washington D.C. to Iowa Congressman Tom Tauke (Republican from Dubuque) for one year. His duties included the following:

  • He coordinated district operations from Washington, D.C.,
  • Supervised office accounts
  • Supervised district grant applications and
  • He managed a staff of 14.
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Reported directly to Commissioner Herb Anderson. Mr. Hager supervised the following divisions within the Department:

Life and Health Division. The Life and Health Division was responsible for oversight of all life and health policy forms approvals as submitted by insurers. Additionally, this division was also responsibly for all related Life/Health rate change proposals.

Property Casualty Division. The Property Casualty Division was responsible of oversight of all property casualty policy forms approvals as submitted by insurers. Additionally, this division was responsible for all related property/casualty rate change proposals.

Complaints Division. This division was responsible for the processing and oversight of all consumer complaints received by the Insurance Department. In the Department's resolution of such complaints and where patterns of insurer and agent wrong doing arose, to prosecute the insurers/agents under the Iowa Administrative Procedures Act. Mr. Hager personally led the Administration Prosecution of scores of such cases.

Agents Licensing Division. This application was responsible for overseeing all agent-licensing applications.

In addition to the above, Mr. Hager supervised initiation of formal administrative actions relating to departmental rules, companies (i.e., mergers, holding company activities and disciplinary activity), and agents (i.e., disciplinary).

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Assigned to the Department of Insurance, serving as the Department's General Counsel. In that capacity, he

  • Prepared briefs for the Department's use in agency administrative hearings;
  • Represented the Department in all state and federal litigation;
  • Provided day to day legal guidance to the Commissioner as to all relevant matters;
  • Prepared and issued Attorney General Opinions relative to insurance matters;
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Retained by the Republicans of the Iowa House of Representative as their legal counsel for 1975 Session. In this position, I provided legal counsel on all relevant caucus issues and provided the following staff support:

  • Researched pending legislation,
  • Prepared memorandums in support of proposed legislation,
  • Provided legal advice, and
  • Participated in bill drafting.
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Taught junior high mathematics and Hawaiian history in a school with a significant population of Hawaiian students during academic years 1970-71 and 1971-72.

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University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Bachelor of Arts degree Secondary Mathematics Education 1969

University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii; Master of Education Degree, Educational Psychology (Psychological Counseling), 1972

University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois
Juris Doctor - 1974

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Member, American Bar Association, and Member of the following Sections:

  • Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice,
  • Antitrust Law,
  • Health Law and
  • Tort, Trial and Insurance.
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Member, Palm Beach Business Group

Member, Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce

Past Vice Chair and Past Member of the Board of Directors, Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Co-Chairman of the 2001 American Cancer Society's Ball (Boca Raton)

Ball Chairman, 1999 Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Ball Co-Chair of the 1998 Boca Raton Historical Society Ball

Ball Chair of the 1997 American Heart Association Ball

Board of Directors, National Conference of Christians and Jews of Southeast Florida

Board Member, past Chair, Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce

Member of the Session and current Stewardship Campaign Chairman, First Presbyterian Church (Delray Beach)

Past Board Member, Past Chair, Florida Atlantic University Executive Advisory Board, College of Business

Past Board Member, Past Campaign Chair, United Way of Palm Beach County

Past Chair, March of Dimes Walk America

Advisory Committee to the Board: Pinecrest School, Ft. Lauderdale, and FL.

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Sun Sentinel Excalibur Award for Business Leaders in South Florida (awarded for excellent business practices)

Silver Medallion Award, National Conference of Christians and Jews (awarded for ecumenical work in the community between all ethnic groups)

Business of the Year (to NCCI), 1996 as CEO


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Member, Board of Directors of Emergin, Inc., a global leader in the wireless software industry, offering a combination of products and services that provide wireless communications solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Partner, Silicon Beach Venture Capital, Inc., a venture capital firm located Boca Raton.

Elected Councilman of the City of Boca Raton; term runs through 2009;

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Numerous Iowa Attorney General Opinions (1975-76);

Antitrust Guide, American Academy of Actuaries (1982);

Numerous other articles in various publications while General Counsel and Director of Government Relations to the American Academy of Actuaries (1980-1983);

Numerous articles in various publications while Iowa Commissioner of Insurance (1986-1990);

Author (and lecturer) of the Insurance Course of the Iowa Bar Review (@ 1985- 1991);

Numerous Hearing Officer Decisions under the Iowa Administrative Procedures Act (1978-1980; 1986-1990);

Numerous articles about the US Workers Compensation System while President and CEO of NCCI (1990-1997);

Law Review Article: William D. Hager, The Authority of the States over Debtor Coercion by the Federal Savings and Loan Associations, 27 Drake Law Review 651 (1977).

Law Review Article: William D. Hager and Paul Noel-Creitien, The Emerging Law of Actuarial Malpractice, 31 Drake L. Rev. 831 (1982).

Law Review Article: William D. Hager & Larry Zimpleman, The Norris Decision, Its Implications and Applications, 32 Drake L. Rev. 913 (1983).

Numerous other articles.

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"The Unfair Claims Practices Act - Sword and Shield," was presented by Mr. Hager at the Corporate Compliance and Executive Planning Sarbanes Super Conference sponsored by Forbes Magazine in Washington, D.C. on September 3-4, 2003;

"Avoiding Actuarial Malpractice" was the topic of a speech given by Mr. Hager to The Conference of Consulting Actuaries at the November 2003 Annual Meeting held in Tucson, AZ;

Numerous presentations to various groups while Iowa Assistant Attorney General;

Numerous presentations to various groups while Iowa First Deputy Insurance Commissioner;

Numerous presentations to various actuarial organizations/programs while General Counsel and Director of Government Relations of the American Academy of Actuaries;

Numerous presentations to various groups/organizations while a practicing attorney in Des Moines;

Numerous presentations to various groups while Commissioner of Insurance;

Numerous presentations to various groups while President and CEO of NCCI;


Florida, by exam 2004;
Illinois, by exam 1975 (this license is currently in inactive status);
Iowa, by exam 1975;
United States Supreme Court 1978

Member, the Iowa State Bar Association, Sections on:

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Insurance Metrics Corporation, founded by William D. Hager, concentrates in insurance arbitration, reinsurance arbitration and expert witness services for insurance litigation. Mr. Hager is an ARIAS U.S. certified Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitrator. Clients include include law firms representing plaintiffs, defendants, insurers, reinsurers and liquidators. We can address disputes including bad faith, claims, damages, property, casualty, life, commercial, homeowner, underwriting and more. Services in Florida, New York, Texas, California and nationwide.