William D. Hager
Judicial Experience

Although Mr. Hager has not served as a judge in the trial or appellate court sense of that word, he has served in many quasi-judicial capacities including that of an Administrative Law Judge in hundreds of cases throughout his career and continues to do so through the present time. These experiences have contributed to his steady, even-handed, judicial bearing:

  • Quasi-Judicial Capacity: Development Authority. Mr. Hager previously served as an elected Commissioner of the Downtown Development Authority of the City of Boca Raton, and routinely participated (along with four other Commissioners) in a quasi-judicial capacity as to development proposals vis-a-vis zoning regulations. Full hearings are provided and decisions are entered only after the hearing including cross-examination of all witnesses and testimony. Mr. Hager sat as Commissioner twice a month, 12 months a year.

  • Quasi-Judicial Capacity: Council Member. Mr. Hager also served as an elected Member of the City Council of the City of Boca Raton. As a Council Member, he likewise routinely participated in a quasi-judicial capacity as to development proposals relating to the City generally. These proposals were heard in a quasi-judicial setting, including applicable rules of hearing conduct. The hearings are public proceedings and include the right to present evidence, the right of cross-examination, the right of rebuttal and argument. Mr. Hager sat as a Council Member in this judicial capacity on a regular basis, about 12 times a year.

  • Administrative Law Judge: Insurance Commissioner. As Insurance Commissioner, Mr. Hager routinely served as a Hearing Officer pursuant to the procedure set forth in the Administrative Procedures Act. As a Hearing Officer, Mr. Hager conducted full hearings with attendant due process requirements and entered formal written decisions after full hearings. Mr. Hager heard cases ranging from proposed reinsurance transactions to revocation proceedings against insurer licenses to revocation proceedings against insurance agents to proposals for significant rate changes to proposed policy form changes. During his four years as Insurance Commissioner, it is estimated that he served as a hearing officer over 100 times.

    In addition, as Insurance Commissioner, Mr. Hager had ultimate supervisory responsibility for all Hearing Officers in the Insurance Department, including the responsibility to assure such Officers conducted hearings consistent with law and other judicial requirements.

  • Administrative Law Judge: First Deputy Insurance Commissioner. Similarly as First Deputy Insurance Commissioner, Mr. Hager served as a Hearing Officer under the Administrative Procedures Act. He served as a Hearing Officer for similar cases as those set out above as Insurance Commissioner.

  • Prosecutor: Assistant Attorney General. As Assistant Attorney General assigned to the Insurance Department, Mr. Hager was responsible to oversee prosecution of insurance agents and insurance companies who allegedly violated the Insurance Code. As the Assistant Attorney General for the Department, Mr. Hager prosecuted more than 100 cases under the applicable Administrative Procedures Act, before a Hearing Officer.

  • Conducting Legislative Hearings: Legal Counsel, Iowa House of Representatives. As Counsel to the Republicans of the Iowa House of Representatives, Mr. Hager had responsibility to assure that legislative committee hearings were conducted consistent with applicable legal procedures. In that capacity, he oversaw the committee hearing process as it related to a wide range of issues and presentation of information and evidence.

  • Disciplinary Hearings: American Academy of Actuaries. As General Counsel to the American Academy of Actuaries, Mr. Hager had responsibility to assure that all professional disciplinary actions brought by the Academy against professional actuaries were conducted consistent with applicable law, including due process.

  • Defense: Attorney in Private Practice. As an attorney in private practice, Mr. Hager represented several agents and insurers in administrative actions brought by the Insurance Department against them. Mr. Hager participated in a number of such actions, defending insurers and agents against such allegations. These hearings were likewise conducted consistent with applicable due process and provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act.

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